Puppies would be able to equate our kisses to signs of affection

Devoted, affectionate, loyal, dogs idolize their owners and adore the smallest token of affection from them…including kisses. Nevertheless, the majority of abused animals do not understand their meaning at first glance.

The British daily Mirror put a specific topic under the magnifying glass: the meaning of human kisses for dogs. In an article published on April 28, 2022, the editorial team explained that these animals learn to understand what this particular behavior means, by watching their owners interact with each other. In fact, they just end up interpreting it as a positive gesture.

However, not all little companions have the chance to taste the kindness of men. Some are victims of neglect, or even worse, abuse. Those who have never known love and delicacy, they may find it difficult to understand this message, however affectionate.

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Positive reinforcement from an early age

Most domestic dogs who live in loving homes seem to understand that human kisses are associated with affection, care, and gentleness. “Said a manufacturer of products dedicated to pets who looked into the question.

This is often seen in the way dogs start wagging their tails, cuddling you, and making eye contact when receiving kisses. Dogs that have benefited from it from an early age are especially prone to these positive body movements. »

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Owners can train their furry friend to love being hugged, by talking in a soft voice and offering treats. So it’s positive reinforcement. In short, the methods for teaching basic commands such as “sit”, “stay still” or even “give your paw” turn out to be the same.

This is useful for the dented of life having evolved in an unsafe environment, where the atmosphere was deleterious. They can learn to trust again and fully enjoy the love they have always deserved.

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