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Puppy Abandoned in Cardboard Box Refuses to Leave Hoping to Be Picked Up

Dogs are animals that are loyal to their masters. When abandoned, they tend to stay there for days in the hope that their owner will return. This is the case of Harvest, abandoned in a box.

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In July 2022, a man discovered a dog sitting in a cardboard box in 40 degrees in the shade in a residential area.

She patiently waited for her master to retrieve her. However, she had been abandoned there since the day before. Besides, the poor little girl had neither water nor food nearby.

The Good Samaritan therefore contacted the association Dallas Dog who came to help him as soon as possible.

“She was just waiting for someone to come back”

The volunteers at the shelter were devastated when they saw her like this. She was terrified and disoriented.

In order not to traumatize her further, the members of the association decided to load her into their vehicle in her makeshift box. Fortunately, the check-up visit to the vet revealed that she was in good health.

The little one, named Harvestspent the first days in a refuge curled up in a corner of her box. “You could just see his shoulders and his body shaking in fear”said Patti Dowson at The Dodo.

His endearing personality conquered all the volunteers who got down to his socialization.

For his well-being, it was finally decided to entrust Harvest to a host family. And that triggered a real click.

“It still took her about a week before she really opened up, but since then she has been moving forward”has explained Patti glad to find it like this.

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The association dallas dog is therefore looking for a new home for Harvest. Indeed, the sooner she will be adopted, the sooner she will be able to adapt and forget her difficult past.

“She has 3 appointments this week with potential adopters”clarified Patti.


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