pushed towards the exit, Icardi wants to stay

“Where did Icardi go?”. In its edition of the day, La Gazzetta dello Sport paints a less than complimentary, but realistic portrait of Mauro Icardi. Promising during his first season in Paris, the Argentinian striker got lost and is now more talked about for his relationship problems than for his exploits on the pitch (only five goals last season). A ball from which PSG hopes at all costs to separate this summer according to all of the French press.

According to the Italian daily, Icardi does not intend to give up on his last two years of contract and his comfortable salary of € 10 million net per year. His wife and agent Wanda would also claim this amount from all the clubs likely to be interested in her husband. And there aren’t many of them, unfortunately for her. This article by Alessandro Grandesso, Paris correspondent for the Italian newspaper, reached the ears of the Argentinian striker, currently on vacation in Africa with his wife.

“I’m the one who decides to stay and make myself available”

And that’s an understatement to say that Icardi was offended by this article from the daily newspaper on pink paper. “I’m in Africa Alessandro, next year I’ll let you organize my vacation if you want. Or are these arguments just bullshit like every year? When I was scoring 30 goals a season, there were the same questions “first told Icardi in an Instagram story.

Then he sent a message that should not delight the leaders of PSG: “A career in jeopardy? I still have two years left on my contract. It doesn’t seem as in jeopardy as you make it out to be with the bullshit you write. At 29, don’t worry, with the almost 200 goals I I’ve marked, everyone knows me quite well. And then it’s me who decides to stay and make myself available. Thank you very much, I send you a big hug from Africa, with the gorillas, the lions and all my friends who have more respect than a journalist like you. See you soon.”

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