R. Kelly: His lawyers want to be removed from the federal sex trafficking case

The legal woes of detained rapper R. Kelly are far from over. After a heavy sentence which he wanted to appeal, another trial awaits him and to get out of it, he will need a heavy and solid defense. This last point is no longer very certain since two of his lawyers want to be removed from the case.

Steve Greenberg and Michael Leonard retire

A Brooklyn federal jury found the singer Kelly guilty of nine counts, including racketeering, sex trafficking and violation of the Mann Act. The next step is another federal case involving child pornography charges in Kelly’s hometown of Chicago, which is expected to begin in August. However, a shadow darkens the picture since two lawyers representing R. Kelly want to be removed from the case.

Before the trial, Kelly may have to find new members for her legal team. According to CBS, attorneys Steve Greenberg and Michael Leonard asked to be removed from the case. Rumors began circulating last week that both Greenberg and Leonard filed a motion to be removed from the case. Lawyer Greenberg confirmed the rumors were true Friday.

It wouldn’t be the first time either of these attorneys is trying to opt out of representing Kelly. Prior to the New York federal case last year, Greenberg and Leonard filed a similar motion with the court. Greenberg told reporters that Kelly “insisted that we work with people who we believe would provide ineffective assistance as advice“.

Usually, lawyers to guarantee a good outcome of their cases surround themselves with key people and elements likely to allow them to move forward. They therefore did not appreciate at all that their client Kelly imposes on them people who are not even useful.

As Kelly awaits trial in the Chicago case, where he is accused of producing child pornography and obstructing justice, he should be sentenced for his federal conviction in New York. Kelly faces 10 years to life in prison, life.

While some like Boosie Badazz downplays rapper’s actions, others are thrilled to see all his crimes exposed to the general public and to the courts. And you? Do you think that R. Kelly deserves this legal process or is he the victim of harassment due to his skin color?

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