Ragnar, the sad, underweight rescue cat turned true adventurer

Ragnar is a magnificent cat resulting from a cross between a Highland Lynx and a Ragdoll. Now 3 years old, he takes full advantage with his mistress. But he has come a long way. His previous life had left him scars both physically and morally.

Sarah Harrison40 years old, lives in penrith in the county of Cumbria in England. She is a nursing assistant Eden Animal Rescue, an animal shelter. A year and a half ago, Ragnar arrived underweight due to heavy digestive problems. Besides, the tomcat was very sad.

“At the time we had no room in the rescue, so my friend Alex asked me if I could keep him at home for the night and I never brought him back”has explained Sarah to Cumberland and Westmorland Gerald.

The woman and her husband, peter wyatttook care of the feline which finally flourished in its new home. “He was depressed at first, but he really found the joy of living in our home. However, he is not like other cats. He has a very unusual behavior”clarified Sarah.

A pronounced taste for adventure

This indoor cat had never felt the rain or the wind. He had never even walked on grass, but his new masters quickly understood that he wanted more than anything to taste the great outdoors.

“I noticed he liked getting into his crate, so I took him on short trips. He loved going out! so I bought him a leash and a harness”explained the owner.

Since then, Ragnar is all getaways. The tomcat thus discovered many landscapes, such as the park of Little Mell Fellthe shores of the lake Ullswaterthe range of Silothor even the pond of Crofton.

Ragnar also vacationed in a cabin at Castle Carrock.

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“He’s a great little character and good company. He loves people. If he sees someone walking towards me, he will go straight to them. He is truly one of a kind”told Sarah under the spell of her feline.

The couple plans to visit soon Hallin Fell for a hike with Ragnar.


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