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Rapper Timal in turmoil after filming himself hitting his dog

Many are already calling for a boycott of the artist. French rapper Timal, who recently collaborated with Booba, filmed himself hitting his dog on Tuesday night in a video posted to his Snapchat account. In a sequence of barely a few seconds, the artist shows puddles on the ground, suggesting that the animal would have urinated in his living room. Immediately, the rapper raises his leg repeatedly hitting the dog lying in his basket, frightened. “Asshole go,” he wrote before posting the video.

The sequence immediately reacted on social networks, where dozens of fans condemned this act of abuse. “I saw the video of Timal hitting his dog and now I can’t think of anything else,” says one of them on Twitter. “Now the boycott begins,” continued another. “You are Timal, you are known, you chase your dog in Story? IQ is close to 0 la, lock it up, deserved boycott”, pursues a third.

A complaint lodged

In the process, the 30 Million Friends Foundation announced on Twitter having made a report to the Pharos platform, filed a complaint for animal abuse and asked for the “safety of the animal”. In the evening, the rapper ended up posting a second video with a photo of his dog wearing a muzzle, and assured “Ahh cvvvv jlaim lboss c léduc [l’éducation] “.

A comment which again caused a huge reaction: “No, hitting a dog is not educating it and filming yourself doing it is so revealing”, commented a user on Twitter.

The case is reminiscent of the one involving French defender Kurt Zouma last February. The publication of a video on Snapchat showing the player hitting his cat had sparked a lively controversy.

The 27-year-old international, who had pleaded guilty, was sentenced in June by the British courts to 180 hours of community service. He had also been banned by Thames Magistrates Court in east London from owning a cat for five years.

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