Recall of Purina cat food, associations fear serious infections despite the absence

Three references of cat food from the Purina One brand have been recalled since Friday July 8, 2022.

First article pointed out: the “PURINA® PRO PLAN® Original Kitten 1 to 12 months, Rich in Chicken”. These croquettes were sold in sachets of 400 g, and in bags of 3 and 10 kg. The affected lots are: 1325091108 (GTIN code 7613036505307), 1351091108 (GTIN code 7613036505307), 1324091104 (GTIN code 7613036505277) and 1325091106 (GTIN code 7613036545099).

“PURINA® PRO PLAN® Sterilized Adult 1+, Rich in Salmon” are also subject to a recall. These foods were marketed in 400 g sachets, 3 kg bags and 10 kg + 2 kg free bags. The affected lots are: 1324091108 (GTIN code 7613036075534), 1324091104 (GTIN code 7613033560064) and 1325091106 (GTIN code 7613033564642).

Finally, the “PURINA ONE® Junior from 1 to 12 months, Made with selected chicken” concern the youngest cats. The croquettes were offered in 1.5 kg bags. The affected lots are: 1352091106 (GTIN code 7613033663246) and 1353091106 (GTIN code 7613033663246).

The incriminated kibble would show traces “a residue (2-CE) from the treatment of water used by one of our ingredient suppliers”explains Purina in the sheets issued on Rappel conso.

Suddenly ill animals

According to testimonies collected by France 3 Hauts-de-France, associations and individuals believe that felines who have consumed these products have suddenly fallen seriously ill. According to them, the ingestion of these kibbles could explain the violent symptoms that the felines showed, in particular vomiting and acute diarrhea. Some kittens are even said to have died after consuming kibble.

The president of a refuge in the Somme, questioned by France 3, bears witness to the sudden deterioration in the state of health of certain kittens. “They suddenly suffer from diarrhea that we can’t stop. We tested them and it’s not typhus”she confides to our colleagues.

She believes that the recall of the packages concerned, marketed throughout France, between November 2021 and April 2022, comes much too late.

No proven link, says Purina

The company and its parent company Nestlé provide France 3 that “the consumption of the batches concerned by the withdrawal/recall over a short period of a few months does not impact the health of the cat”. Product withdrawals would therefore only be a precautionary measure.

It is recommended that cat food be destroyed or returned to the point of sale for a refund. Two telephone numbers have been set up for consumers: 0 806 800 361 for Purina products or 0 800 226 462 for Purina Pro Plan products.

Recall of Purina cat food, associations fear serious infections despite the absence

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