Rescued Cat Becomes Turtle’s Best Friend After Breaking Into His Enclosure

Unlikely friendships often appear when you least expect them. The same goes for animals, as they often manage to surprise us with the way they form unusual friendships, like this rescued cat who became a little turtle’s best friend.

A tabby cat has become a pet turtle’s best and only friend. Angel Farr decided to adopt the kitten a year and named him Theodore. Since then, he has become his companion.

His friend Stephen also lives in his Seattle apartment. He has a pet turtle named Aldouin, three years old. However, Theodore hadn’t met the turtle, as Angel thought his reaction wouldn’t be right, apparently he wasn’t right.

A rescued cat becomes a turtle’s best friend

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One day, Theodore disappeared for a few moments, Angel looked everywhere for him, and he curiously landed in the space reserved for Aldouin.

The young woman was afraid that the cat would frighten the little turtle, so she tried to get it out of the enclosure immediately. But, to everyone’s surprise, the friendly Theodore continued to visit his new best friend for the next few weeks.

According to Angel, the two animals are now inseparable and can often be found hanging out in different parts of the apartment.

Angel commented to METRO:

“They became best friends. I’m amazed at how well they get along. »

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Usually, when Aldouin is scared, she hides in her shell or under a log, but now she feels comfortable with Theodore around. Theodore has always been known to be very affectionate and apparently enjoys lying down next to his friend.

Angel added:

“For him, it’s like sunbathing.”

When the two little friends aren’t soaking up the warm rays of Aldouin’s lamp, they’re doing other things, but always together. Theodore can be found playing chase with his friend, or sometimes he just stands there lovingly massaging her.

Angel then clarifies:

“It’s really cute to see Theodore petting Aldouin with his paw.”

Since the curious cat decided to enter the turtle’s house, they have created a very special and almost unbreakable bond. On another side, Angel and Stephen feel more comfortable with their pets’ beautiful relationship. However, they always keep an eye on them to prevent possible accidents.

Aldouin never tries to run away from his friend’s loving paws, as he is used to Theodore sneaking around everywhere. When Théodore is not with his friend, he likes to sleep in his mistress’s bed and have his belly rubbed, but what he likes the most is Aldouin’s company.

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