Rescued Shar-Pei regains sight after facelift

Reggie is an 18 month old Shar-Pei with a difficult background. But thanks to a refuge, he has had a makeover and has regained a taste for life. This ball of love is now looking for adopters who will be able to take care of him as he deserves.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) of Brighton in England was entrusted with a young canine in bad shape. The poor 18-month-old had lived in unsanitary living conditions and had been neglected by his owners.

On arrival, Reggie was in a sorry state. His skull was hairless and he had severe skin lesions over his entire back. Moreover, as frequently in this breed, Reggie suffered from infections in both eyeballs due to the folds of skin falling over his eyes. He was therefore almost blind.

Volunteers had to provide care to this area 24 hours a day. sussex decided that a facelift was the best way to restore her sight. He therefore underwent a heavy intervention in this direction 2 weeks ago.

A recovery that is going well

The young canine shows unparalleled resilience. Moreover, he is extremely grateful and affectionate towards the volunteers of the RSPCA.

“Unfortunately, the Shar-Pei breed is prone to health issues due to the extra skin. But with the treatment he received, we hope it will help prevent other skin diseases in the future.”a spokesperson told the New York Post.

In 15 days, Reggie has come a long way. He has regained perfect vision, his hair has grown back and he is finally rid of his itching. It therefore sports a completely new character.

“Reggie is so sweet and friendly… He loves everyone”told Lauren PearceDeputy Director of RSPCA.

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The shelter is therefore looking for an adoptive home for the courageous pooch. He will know how to adapt in a calm and benevolent environment. Canine educators prefer to favor a house without children, because he is not used to it.

“He’s a young dog, we hope the right person will show up quickly so he can fully enjoy his new life”concluded lauren.


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