Reserving a table at Bouillon Pigalle and Bouillon République is now possible!

By Manon C. Photos by Manon C. Published on July 5, 2022 at 2:34 p.m.

Great news for lovers of small French dishes, it is now possible to book online to eat at Bouillon Pigalle and Bouillon République!

Forget the long ones endless queues ahead of Bouillon Pigalle and Bouillon République, it is nowancient history ! Since June, the two Parisian broths have made it possible to online booking. Good news that should delight foodies and gourmets!

For that, nothing could be simpler: we go to the official site, we choose our broth – Pigalle or Republic – we choose the date, the time, the number of covers, we validate and we just have to go on site right on time and with all the guestsas the site specifies, to enjoy the delicious French dishes still priced minis !

The icing on the cake: it is now possible to reserve a table at Bouillon République and Bouillon Pigalle, and this up to 30 minutes before the meal. Ideal for lunches last minute or the airheaded people who had promised their group of friends that they would “take care of the reservation for the whole gang!

And for those who adore stand in line – we don’t judge, everyone has their own passions! -, it is quite possible to go to Bouillon République and Bouillon Pigalle without going through the box reservation !

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