Restaurant: an all-you-can-eat buffet this summer in Gourvily Quimper

We should find robots serving in the new restaurant of J.-P. Xu in Quimper. ©Martine DE SAINT-JAN

JP Xumanager of The Royal Eagle restaurantroute de Bénodet in Quimper, announces the opening ofa new establishment July 11, 2022. “We are investing in the premises left vacant by the Foir’Fouille store in the commercial area of ​​Gourvily, they have been under construction for four months”, he specifies.

There is no question of abandoning L’Aigle royal, but of “relieving it” because the team feels cramped there today.

Not just Asian

This new restaurant will be called Atlantis. It will extend over 1,800 m2 (The Golden Eagle makes 600).

“We will be able to give more space to tables and buffets. Because we will stay there on the all-you-can-eat buffet formula that we have mastered. But to the Asian specialties will be added grilled meats and Western dishes. »

J.-P. Xu, manager of L’Aigle royal and Atlantis.

The establishment should employ between 20 and 30 employees. Recruitment is in progress.

We should also find service robots there, like R2D1, which officiates on the Bénodet road.

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