Restaurant tickets: the ceiling drops from 38 to 19 euros at the end of June



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A.Domy, E.Prigent, S.Dauba, B.Millaud, JM.Talenton – France 2

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At the end of June, restaurant tickets will be capped at 19 euros. Two years ago, to support restaurateurs during the health crisis, the government made it possible to pay its bill up to 38 euros with these tickets.

The doubling of the ceilings for restaurant tickets will end at the end of June. From 38 euros todaywe will go back to 19 euros. “It will be more annoying to order in the evening, but otherwise, it does not make me hot or cold”, assures a Frenchman, while another person speaks of a “bad news”.

For restaurateurs, it’s grimace soup. The government had decided to double the ceiling for restaurant tickets to support them after the pandemic. In a restaurant in Lyon (Rhone)the measure had had its small effect, which risks falling like a soufflĂ©. Montpellier (Herault)a restaurateur is more mixedbecause all the money from restaurant tickets go not in his pocket. He pays a commission of 3.5% on every transaction. Pandemic or not, this commission has never gone down.

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