Return from maternity: the cats discover the baby of the house

Brigette is the happy mistress of three cats. And, even if she adores her 4-legged friends, she has also decided to have a baby. Returning home with her newborn, this TikTok fan decided to film the meeting of her infant and her cats.

On the video, we observe that she puts her baby, sleeping calmly in her seat, on the carpet, so that he gets to know the cats of the house. If her newborn is imperturbable and continues to sleep, the cats do not seem serene! A first cat, black and white, hardly dares approach the seat in which the baby is resting and even backs away, little by little. He runs off when his mistress tries to caress him. The second, also black and white, is a little more daring and comes a little closer to the infant before losing interest in it. As for the third, a ginger cat, he approaches step by step and wonders what it is!

The video has gone viral on TikTok and has already garnered over 3 million views.

– During the stay at the maternity ward, remember to make the cat breathe clothes that carry your baby’s scent. This will allow him to discover this new smell and not be afraid of it.

– When you return from the maternity ward, it’s up to you to introduce your newborn to your cat.

– Even if a newborn requires a lot of attention and time, don’t forget to devote a few moments to your furry animal, to caress it, to play with it. He shouldn’t feel left out.

– And never leave your cat alone with your baby, even if he is adorable! He may want to lie down against him, to keep warm. There is then a risk of suffocation.

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