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Robert Galletti: “Our school of lawyers is undersized”

You are going to train 165 future lawyers this year. Do they easily find work?

Robert Galletti: “The answer must be nuanced. We can see that today there are around a hundred unmet employee requests in our region, while students are struggling to find an internship. It is not normal. Some subjects are in high demand, such as real estate law, public law, company law, but our room for maneuver is narrow to adapt our teaching to this local demand, because it is the CNB (National Bar Council, Editor’s note) who sets the programs from Paris.

Beyond adapting the programs, why don’t you welcome more students?

We could indeed open the floodgates, but the school is completely undersized, although we moved less than four years ago. We do not know how to meet the demand, whether in terms of initial training or continuing education. The concern is that to move, you would need the consensus of the 16 bars represented on the board of directors. However, this consensus is not certain. So we try to push the walls to gain a few tens of square meters…

Have you given up on moving?

Yes, for political reasons, we gave up. But I continue to look for solutions so that student lawyers find a job, on the one hand, and that firms find the skills they need, on the other. You have to listen to what the firms are asking for. Contrary to what I hear here and there, they want more specialists in tax law than specialists in criminal law! The president of Lyon wants to create a criminal center of excellence, but criminal lawyers sometimes have trouble finding a job and an internship.

Beyond employment, what are the consequences, in your opinion, of this unsuitability of programs to demand?

It’s also a pity for the school’s resources, because many colleagues go to train elsewhere to develop their skills, while we can satisfy them! Many people “go up” to Paris to train in certain specialties. We would be able to do the same thing for half the cost. »

EDARA develops soft skills. Failing to be able to move and reform its training offer in depth to adapt it to the demand of the firms under its jurisdiction, ÉDARA, under the impetus of Robert Galletti and Marianne Charbon, the energetic director, is committed to developing the “soft skills” of future tenors of the bar. Emotional intelligence, stress management, economic and financial management courses… are now fully integrated into the school’s curriculum.

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