Rodez: more and more restaurants and terraces are springing up on the Place de la Cité

A large number of terraces have suddenly sprung up on the Place de la Cité in Rodez, giving it a new identity.

Place de la Cité is “the place to be” in Rodez. And as soon as the summer temperatures return, the terraces cover the cobblestones of the square to the delight of the shopkeepers who are witnessing the rebirth of a place that is more lively than ever.

“We are more and more serving food, but it’s better time, the world is calling the world”, rejoices Mirel Delgado, manager of Mirel Empanadas, in reference to the little newcomers to the place like the teaches Bagelstein. “Sometimes we have parents who come to our house, but their children prefer to have a hot dog on the side, so there is something for everyone! Even I am the first to eat with our neighbours”, smiles the shopkeeper who serves specialties from Uruguay.

“The location was worthless when there was parking”

Shopkeepers seem to be unanimous: they prefer the tranquility and space offered by this new square rather than the old car park and the cars that were constantly circulating. The Grand Café also took the opportunity to extend its terrace. “We already had a lot of front passages thanks to the car park, but the spirit was not the same”, confides a server. “There is more life there. People come with their families, it’s the good tranquility of the south! “. Same story in a bar in the Place de la Cité, whose terrace did not marry very well with the road. “For me, the location was worth nothing when there was the parking lot. Now there is room for everyone, ”explains the boss.

Today there are about ten terraces on the Place de la Cité. One more could be added when the tourist office gives way to a new brewery, as planned by the City.

On the terraces or on the benches, we come to have a bite to eat

No restaurant in the Place de la Cité is deprived of a terrace now, whether the business is old or very recent. And despite the many tables that are out, the benches in the square are also popular all day long for a snack, alone or in a group. Some even use them to allow themselves a little nap.

A tranquility that seems to be the new charm of the place. “Every evening, my kid comes to play with his ball here. It doesn’t risk anything, it doesn’t bother anyone. Before, the square only came alive on Saturday, market day, now it’s a place of life all the time, ”says a trader. From the window of Mirel Empanadas, we approve: “As a mother, I find it pleasant. As the place is protected, lots of families come to play here”.

On the side of the Grand Café, a waiter regrets that the market is not present, “at least in winter”. This “would bring additional entertainment, it would bring people in and we would all win, even if it meant depriving ourselves of a terrace on Saturdays”.

Opening of Bagelstein on May 31

Since Tuesday, May 31, new tables and chairs have been making space between the RAF shop and the Grand Café. The Bagelstein brand opened its doors for the first time in Rodez, highlighting fresh products and bagels made the same morning for all-day service.

Fresh French fries from Normandy are already in the ovens of the sign, when it will only be necessary to wait a few days before the arrival of the pastries on the shelves, the time that Bagelstein finishes settling. The brand is present in around thirty cities in France, in only three in Occitanie: Albi, Toulouse… and now Rodez.

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