Saint-Girons: an immersive meal “à la Paul Pairet” offered at the application restaurant of the François-Camel high school

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Unprecedented experience recently carried out at the application restaurant of the François-Camel high school, in Saint-Girons. An immersive meal was offered to a few privileged guests, directly inspired by the great international chef, also star of Top Chef, Paul Pairet.

“When we see that, we’re proud,” says Bastien, one of the student servers. “To say that I wanted to do mechanics…” recalls Léo. The 18 students of class 1D Vocational Baccalaureate in Hospitality and Catering, Kitchen and Service from the François-Camel Vocational High School lights up.

On an idea of ​​their teacher, Audrey Maizier, assisted by her colleagues, largely inspired by the service “à la Paul Pairet”, a chef known internationally for providing culinary and spectacular experiences in Shanghai, they illuminated the room of the application restaurant for 20 privileged guests.

The five senses solicited during an immersive meal

A culinary work made possible by the meeting with Paul Balagué, director and director of the company En Eaux Troubles, and his acolytes, Camille and Ludovic, who lead theater and show creation workshops with students from Couserans.

The idea sprouted from an “augmented” service during which the waiters dramatize their relationship with the guests. A theater foray into the world of inspiring restoration for teachers and students who integrate professional skills such as eloquence, posture and self-confidence.

When theater meets cuisine for a unique experience

The icing on the cake with this illuminated culinary masterpiece, an immersive journey of the senses and flavors just like in Shanghai. An experience made possible by the commitment of all (management, teachers and students) and supported by a regional Occit’Avenir system.

Upon arrival, an immersive meal in an “out of the ordinary” atmosphere, which appeals to the five senses, appreciated by the guest-spectators. Recipe for a multidisciplinary project that instills in each high school student the desire to succeed, the seed of professional and civic integration. See you in the fall of 2022, for the second part of the experience, even more immersive, more festive, and more gustatory.

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