Saint-Jean-De-Thurigneux. A forest cat in Dombes, good news for biodiversity

The sequence is hidden, only six seconds, only time to observe a beautiful female forest cat accompanied by three cubs. The video was recorded this summer, on the Praillebard property. An estate belonging to the Pierre-Vérots Foundation, which extends over 350 hectares and four communes: Saint-Jean-de-Thurigneux, Monthieux, Civrieux and Saint-André-de-Corcy.

“The observation of this cat has all the phenotypic criteria of a forest cat (Felis silvestris)”, begins Timothée Baroud, the director of this private foundation recognized as being of public benefit, happy that a new species is breeding on the estate .

Present “always in Bugey, the northeastern part of Ain”

The first mention of the forest cat on the foundation’s territory dates back to 2004, “an accidental capture in a coypu trap”. But in Ain, “the species has always been present, especially in Bugey, in the forest areas of the department and especially on the Jura side. In…

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