Saint-Maurice exhibits famous comic book cats

At the entrance to the Château de Saint-Maurice, on the terrace overlooking the entrance to the valley, a bronze welcomes the visitor. That of a cat in the position of a fakir, but the nails of the board have been replaced by the beaks of birds. It is a miniature version of one of the statues that Philippe Geluck exhibited on the Quai Wilson in Geneva and which attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors. The sculptures were removed on April 25 pending their next destination. Except one which was installed in Cologny (GE), where it will remain until June.

The Belgian humorist’s Cat therefore still takes the lion’s share (as long as we stay between felines) in the “Funny Cats” exhibition which is held until November 13 in the famous building. But he is not alone. Most of the famous comic book cats are present, from Franquin’s cat in Gaston Lagaffe, to Félix, Fritz or even Poussy, the hero that Peyo had created before Johann and Pirlouit and long before the Smurfs.

Going from room to room, in a neat, airy and very pleasant museography, we discover Krazy Kat, Tom (Jerry’s) and many others. Several artists are entitled to more lighting, such as Siné who declined puns in “cat”, or the French-speaking illustrator Haydé and her cat Milton. Memory, puzzle or coloring room bring a playful touch to a visit which caresses the visitor in the direction of the hair and which will please kittens as much as old tomcats. Go check it out, cat is worth it, as the saying goes.

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