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Friday 7 October 2022 at 8.53

Signing of town hall agreement – Les Pattes de Velours

An agreement was signed this Thursday morning between the municipality of Saint-Vallier and the association “Les Pattes de Velours” for the provision of an area for the creation of feeding places for stray cats.

Martine Léger, president of the association recalls that the latter operates in the basin’s 4 municipalities with the aim of combating the spread of stray cats. She emphasizes the good reception that has been received at the various town halls, the listening and empathy of the elected representatives.
Mayor Alain Philibert adds: “A file that required a lot of work on the land upstream, from Catherine Matrat, assistant to the coherence of the city.

The town hall supplies the association with part of the three plots of land

-rue de Pouilloux, at the end of the Mazilles cemetery parking lot
-rue Marie Laurencin, Bey by Gautherets
-21 rue Camille Desmoulins, opposite the Bois Francs stadium, wooded area opposite the chalet des Canailles.

These points can be changed if the need arises.

The food will be distributed two to three times a week and will consist of kibble only.

In the municipality of Saint-Vallier, 192 stray cats were counted in 2021 and 210 in 2022, a relatively stable population.

By installing houses made by volunteers, the aim is to establish a feeding place to attract stray cats to sterilize the females and identify them by tattooing.

In fact, identification is mandatory for any cat born after January 1, 2012. In the absence of a tattoo or chip, an owner will not be able to claim ownership of that animal.

JL Pradines

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