Sainte-Cecile-les-Vignes. There was indeed a snake… but “unable to eat cats”

In mid-June, in the area of ​​Florette, located in the municipalities of Sainte-Cécile-les-Vignes and Lagarde-Paréol, the rumor circulated that a large snake had been seen eating cats. But the discovery of the moult, by two people approved for the research, during three weeks, of protected species, puts an end to the rumor. “It is neither a boa nor a python, nor any other exotic species”, explains the municipal policeman Antoine Valldecabres. “It is a Montpellier snake, or viperine snake, which is present and which has above all been authenticated thanks to the moult found recently. What is certain, he continues, is that this snake is incapable of eating cats, and that cats [dont il était fait mention dans nos colonnes, NDLR] which have been missing for some time, are not because of this bugloss snake. »

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If the latter has found its place in this natural, hot, humid, wooded and rocky environment, it is strictly forbidden to capture it, to take a picture with it and of course, to kill it.

“This species of snake is protected by the famous Geneva Convention of 1949 and anyone who captures it, kills it or takes a picture with it is committing an offense punishable by law”, specifies the municipal police officer.

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