Salmonella. Chocolate, chewing gum … Dozens of sweets recalled throughout France

63 Elite / Strauss brand products are recalled throughout France. (© Adobe Stock)

Bad time for treats. After Kinder brand chocolates63 brand treats Elite / Strauss are currently the subject of a recall campaign throughout France.

They are suspected of containing salmonellathe bacteria responsible for salmonella, a potentially fatal disease.

The products in detail

Around sixty products, ranging from chocolate bars to chewing gum, not to mention the classic chocolate bar, are therefore affected by this recall.

We are talking about brownies almond cream chocolate, rice cakes covered in chocolate, cookies coated in white chocolate and sprinkled with chopped hazelnuts, Cookiesor even chewing gum with green mint.

They are all stamped under the Elite / Strauss brandand all batches of the products in question are concerned.

For example, all batches of 200 g Choco Gaufrettes Wafers, barcode 0815871013147 and 00815871013161 sold at Intermarché, Carrefour, G20, Franprix, and Auchan between 1er January and April 29, 2022 are recalled.

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The exhaustive lists of the points of sale and the products concerned are online on the site

Do not consume these products

Salmonella is the causative agent of salmonellosis.

This disease is food poisoning which results in gastrointestinal disorders (diarrhea, vomiting).

Their onset is often sudden and accompanied by fever and headaches which generally occur 6 to 72 hours after consumption of the contaminated products.

People who have consumed these products and who have these symptoms are invited to consult their doctor and report this consumption. In the absence of symptoms within 7 days after consumption of the affected products, there is no need to worry and consult a doctor.

Drink reminder

Rappel Conso indicates that “these symptoms may be more pronounced in young children, pregnant women, immunocompromised subjects and the elderly”.

For all these products, a refund campaign is launched until the end of June 2022. A customer number has been set up. It is 01 76 29 90 00.

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