Salt-hardened egg yolk, the new TikTok trend from Asia that is a hit

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The recipe has gone viral on social media.

A salt-hardened egg yolk. On paper, the recipe does not really dream. However, it is making a real splash on TikTok, the new favorite landmark of foodies with Instagram. Videos on this Asian culinary recipe abound under the hashtag #saltedeggyolk which already has around ten million views. It’s simple, everyone is a fan.

Easy and versatile

But how does it actually work? This traditional dish, very common in Asia, actually has a very long history. At the time, when the fridge did not exist, the eggs were immersed in a brine of salt water to prolong their life. Today, the recipe has been exported to Europe and the United States. If it is so successful, it is primarily for its versatility. Salt-cured egg yolk can be used in a sandwich, grated over pasta, or eaten as crisps. But also for its ultra simple method of preparation. We show you!

Recipe ?

Simply mix salt, sugar, pepper and crushed chilli in a bowl until smooth. Then, spread half of this mixture into a small glass baking dish. Make 6 notches in the salted mixture with the back of a spoon. Place an egg yolk in each notch. Gently cover them with the other half of the mixture. Cover with cling film, leaving an open corner to allow moisture to escape. Place in the refrigerator for 4 days.

Then preheat the oven to 75°C. Remove the egg yolks from the mixture and rinse them thoroughly under running water to remove the salt. Place the egg yolks in the oven for 3 hours. Be careful, after being put in the oven, the egg yolks should be rather dried than browned! And since a picture is worth a thousand words, we share with you the best TikTok videos on this trend.

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