Sanitary pass in shopping centers: the victorious lawyers of Yvelines attack the whole of Île-de-France

Health pass or no health pass? Capital reported it on Wednesday August 15, the administrative court of Versailles suspended the decree of the prefect of Yvelines which made it compulsory in shopping centers. By considering that these restrictions “applied generally and absolutely to all businesses located in department stores and shopping centers (…) without any arrangements being made…”, the justice had ruled in favor of the two lawyers who had asked for his suspension.

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As reported, the two men are now attacking all of Île-de-France since they have put all the prefects of the region on notice, namely that of Paris, Seine-et-Marne, Essonne, Hauts -de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne and Val-d’Oise. “Following the order issued by the Administrative Court of Versailles, I hereby give you formal notice to immediately withdraw your order ‘extending the health pass’ to shopping centres. Any maintenance will be the subject of legal action. , in particular in responsibility”, write Yoann Sibille and Tarek Koraitem.

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Also suspended in the North

For the two lawyers, it is a question of defending the law and not of political action: “I do not act out of personal ambition. It is the law that I defend. ‘have asked to carry out such an action”, underlines Yoann Sibille with Nevertheless, this decision could set a precedent, because even if the two men do not intend to write to all the prefects of France, they are counting on a mobilization.

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So, as the story goes The voice of the North, the obligation of the health pass was to be introduced on Tuesday August 24 in 19 shopping centers in the North. But the day before, the measure had been suspended “in view of health developments in the form of a descending palette”. Confusion among customers, but also among center directors who deplore the lack of preparation of the prefecture, while security agents have been recruited to control passes in particular. Is it abandoned? No, according to the Nord prefecture, which indicates that the pass could be back “in the event that the evolution of viral circulation is unfavourable”.

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