Scientists explain why cats prefer women to men

Regardless of the solitary (even thankless) reputation attributed to them, several studies are conclusive: cats are not insensitive to human behavior. More so, they would tend to prefer women to men. Ok, but why?

Cats bond to humans the same way babies do, study finds

Are women more inclined to communicate with animals?

Among the scientists who have looked into the matter: researchers from Loránd Eötvös University in Budapest. To conduct their study, the Hungarian scientists asked no less than 157 cat owners, men and women alike. All of them were asked to answer a questionnaire asking them about the behavior, cognitive abilities and social interactions of their animal. Which led them to the following conclusion: in general, cats prefer women.

Why ? Because they would be more likely to interact with them. And for good reason, women would talk and smile at their cats more than men. And the fact that the timbre of their voice tends to be softer – at least, according to the words of the study – would, again, be an asset. Women are also more tactile than men with their four-legged companion and less susceptible to their need for solitude and independence.

Finally, in terms of identifying the emotions of said felines, their food needs, what they like to do or not to do, or even what they prefer to play with, it is once again the women who would see the most just. And again according to the study report, their degree of empathy would be higher than that of males. What cats, especially old cats, would be sensitive to.

“The cat does not belong to us, we belong to it”

Cats, animals sensitive to emotions

Another track put forward by the Hungarian study: the sensitivity of cats to events experienced with humans. The researchers thus explain that there are more male veterinarians than female veterinarians. Thus, cats would be more easily exposed to live unpleasant moments in the company of men than in the company of women. Because, we are not going to hide it, most of the time, the passage to the veterinarian is far from being a cakewalk for our pets. Cats could thus remember the feeling of stress felt during the consultation, and associate it with the person who is – in their eyes – responsible for it.

If the study lends to smile, other studies have already abounded in this direction in the past. This is the case of the study conducted by Manuela Wedl, of the University of Vienna, which explained that women would be more demonstrative with their animals and would have more verbal interactions with them than men. And that, of course, cats would be sensitive to it. What’s more, the study also suggested that even if they were professionally active, women would tend to be at home more often than men.

According to Karen McComb, a biology researcher and behaviorist at the University of Sussex, the meowing of cats would also encourage women to pay special attention to them. A so-called “very maternal” and tactile attention greatly appreciated by these felines. According to this British study, women would even tend to associate this mewing with the complaint of a toddler, which would stimulate their possible “maternal instinct”.

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