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Security camera captures dog watching children in bed

The great loyalty of dogs to their family is beyond doubt. This Dog Was Caught By Security Cameras Watching Kids At Home While Everyone Is Sleeping; proof that even at night the most important thing for him is the well-being of his loved ones.

When the lights are out and everyone is ready to go to bed, a loving dog named Killian begins his job watching and making sure everyone is okay. Kelly Rottet posted video captured by home security cameras, showing her dog’s nighttime routine.

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Security camera captures dog watching children in bed every night

In the video, you can see Killian quietly beginning to walk around the house, checking out everything around him. Suddenly, he stops by the bedroom of the three children while they are sleeping, to make sure they are safe.

Kelly commented to The Dodo:

“He does that often. He walks around the house all night, keeping an eye on all of us. »

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While doing the little checks to take care of his family members, he sometimes finds a comfortable place to take a nap. But even when he sleeps, he has made it clear that his family’s safety comes first and then he wakes up to continue his nightly rounds.

No member of the family did not teach Killian to take care of them, but it seems that her natural instinct and her love are her motivation. The dog watches over his loved ones at all times, and his family loves him even more because they know that she will always be in their care.

Kelly continued:

“It gives us a sense of security to know that he is watching the house at night.”

Many people may not believe that animals know what they are doing, but there will always be evidence and testimony to the contrary. Killian expressed his great love for all members of his family, and it seems be her way of showing it.

This affectionate dog will continue to do his excellent job of guarding as often as necessary, in order to watch over his entire family. Without a doubt, there’s no better way to rest and get a good night’s sleep knowing there’s someone special watching over your well-being.

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