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Seine et Marne. It helps you overcome your fear of dogs

Elodie Garros, Leïka and Draegon help you overcome your dog phobia
Elodie Garros, Leïka and Draegon help you overcome your dog phobia ©RSM77/YV

It’s not easy to come face to face with a dog. Some even develop phobias, and fear bites, often because of traumatic memories… The young canine educator Élodie Garros has undergone specialized training and comes to the aid of all those who want to learn how to overcome their fear, and help children and adults to have the right attitude towards our four-legged friends.

La Rep: Why did you choose to specialize in dog bite prevention and dog phobia?

Elodie Garros: I am a mother, and I noticed around me that many children do not know canine language. The post-containment figures show an increase in bites, and an upsurge in phobic children, who are afraid of dogs.

How has the lockdown made the situation worse?

The dogs were in high demand after the confinements. Suddenly, when they saw only their masters, they again saw foreign people returning home. According to the dogs, this can cause problems, because their bearings are turned upside down.

Dogs are not stuffed animals

Elodie Garros

What do you say to children who are afraid of dogs?

I teach them that dogs have emotions, that he too can be afraid. Dogs are not fluff and certain reflexes are lost, such as not disturbing a dog that is eating.

How are your workshops going?

I go to school or to a leisure center with one of my dogs, Leïka the Samoyed or Raegon the Finn from Lapland. They are both imposing and very nice and have both been validated by a veterinarian for these trainings. Often, it is the ignorance of the dog which poses concern. The workshops explain what a dog is, with little games. I adapt the program according to the needs.

Do you also work with adults?

Yes, it can be at my home. Some adults have traumas that need to be worked on. This can be resolved in an hour or over the longer term. But I saw spectacular changes at the end of the session!

What is the right attitude to take in front of a dog that you do not know?

Before approaching him to pet him, you must ask the owner, do not stroke his head because they don’t like it and can take it as an aggression. It is rather caressed on the back or the cheeks.

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What if we find ourselves faced with a threatening dog?

Above all, don’t run, and take the posture of the tree: you don’t look at it, you stand straight while looking at a fixed point.

Élodie can intervene in schools, leisure centers, in private homes or at her home in Héricy. Info on 06 15 91 37 44, [email protected] or on the website Instagram and Facebook: “Passion CanyCat”

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