Seine Maritime. 12-year-old child repeatedly attacked and bitten by two dogs

Two American Bully dogs attacked a 12-year-old child near Lillebonne on Wednesday June 8. (©Adobe Stock Illustration)

The facts occurred on Wednesday June 8, 2022 at Saint-Nicolas-de-la-Taille not far from Lillebonne (Seine Maritime). A 12-year-old child riding a scooter in the street around 5 p.m. was attacked by two dogs, American Bullies.

An elderly person also bitten

According to a judicial source, the two American Bully breed dogs were not with their master who was subsequently identified at the time of the events. For the moment, it is not known if he has been arrested.

The attacked child was bitten in several places of the body: “arm, head, knee and thigh”, indicates our judicial source. An elderly person who came to the aid of the young victim was also bitten on the hand.

The child transported to the hospital and operated

Injured, the man and the 12-year-old child were transported for the first to the Monod hospital group in order to be operated on and for the second to Rouen.

Both dogs were impounded. The investigation is continuing.

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