seven puppies abandoned in a box in the middle of a heat wave

In the middle of a heat wave, a couple fell in time on a box placed right next to a garbage container, in “Cordes”, commune of Bains. The person who had closed it had taken care to put a stone on it, just to be sure that it did not open. All this to give up a litter of seven puppies.

Divided into host families

Found inside, they were fortunately not too weakened by the high temperatures. The couple then took the box to bring it to the SPA (Society for the Protection of Animals) in Polignac, unfortunately used to recovering whole litters abandoned like this.

According to the SPA, they would be between three weeks and a month and are not yet weaned. But the refuge is already full in this summer period sadly known to be that of abandonment.

“We already have fifty dogs, the shelter is full”, explains Mylène, employee of the SPA. “And for little puppies it’s not ideal. The shelter therefore launched a call on Facebook to find foster families.

And as often after a story of this type, the requests did not drag. The next day, the seven little border collie crosses had already found a foster family in the Puy-en-Velay basin in order to be reactive in the event of health concerns for one of them. Among them, the couple who had found the seven puppies cracked to collect one.

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