Several cats missing, killed or mutilated in a town in Sarthe

Acts of cruelty on cats have been observed for several months in Beaumont-sur-Sarthe. The owner of a feline filed a complaint with the gendarmerie on Wednesday July 13, 2022.

In Beaumont, who blames the felines?

In Beaumont, who blames the felines? | MAINE LIBRE ARCHIVES

  • À Beaumont, qui en veut aux félins ? | ARCHIVES LE MAINE LIBRE

The victims are not stray cats without owners, but domestic cats. Two cats were poisoned, three disappeared while four others were found mutilated, sometimes several kilometers from the town center of the town.

Who attacks the felines of Beaumont-sur-Sarthe like this? On social networks, many owners are indignant at such facts and are worried.

The gendarmerie opened an investigation while the town hall was also notified. The Penal Code punishes anyone committing an act of cruelty or mistreatment on a domestic animal, or tamed, or held in captivity to a prison term of up to two years imprisonment and a fine of €30,000.

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