Sezono, generous and inventive vegetarian cuisine

By Manon C. Photos by Manon C. Posted June 2, 2022, 3:08 PM

A veritable restaurant-market, Sezono highlights an inventive and resourceful vegetarian cuisine, to be savored on the pretty sunny terrace.

Vegetarian cuisine is more popular than ever in Paris, and Sezono is one of those addresses that delights vegetarians, the curious and gourmets of all kinds with all-vegetable recipes.

It is between two confinements that Ai Loan Dupuis and his companion, Hakim El Bourdecided to open an establishment that combined their two passions: cooking, of course, but also ecologyand in fact, the new ways of cooking from committed and responsible manner, all in respecting the environment.


Trained atFerrandi Schoolthe French-Vietnamese chef imagine, at Sezono, a plant-based, creative cuisine and especially affordable, made from organic, seasonal and local productscoming directly from small producers in Ile-de-France. Throughout the day, the restaurant – which means season in Esperanto – offers three tempting formulas.

Noonwe draw on the slate changing every weekor we opt for the lunch formula at 14€ which includes a starter, main course and dessert. You can choose from soups, gazpacho, cakes, pies, salads, and hot dishes which we will tell you about in more detail in a moment. Evening, we opt for plates to share, between €6 and €13.


Another gourmet highlight of the week, the balanced weekend brunch which includes unlimited hot drinks and cold homemade drinks, a mini kebab, panisses, fries, vegetable acras, raw vegetables, a seasonal soup, a cake, a compote and a homemade granola, all for 27 €.

And to stock up on good things, Sezono has small stalls within it on which we find fresh fruits and vegetableslegumes, cereals, but also groceries to buy for home!


For our part, we took advantage of the magnificent Parisian sun to discover Sezono on its pretty wooden terrace, at lunch. During our visit, no lunch formula exceptionally, the evening dishes to be discovered a few hours in advance.

We take a quiet look at the slate while sipping a cold extracted seasonal fruit and vegetable juice and filled with vitamins, the little extra of the restaurant. Alternatively, you can opt for a natural french winea craft beer from Ile-de-France or a cocktail or one mock tail home.


We start our feast with the mixed fries (9€), a crispy mix of panisse fries and of halloumi fries from La Laiterie de Paris, our cute little sin, to dip in a homemade aioliand speak pie very light from the House (9€) with green asparagus, cauliflower, wild garlic pesto and thyme jelly. Note that Sezono offers, throughout the year, a pie made from seasonal products.

Also impossible to resistwhole artichoke with a heart filled with raw cream with herbs. Another originality, the shampoos (€7), vegetarian rillettes with oyster mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms and button mushrooms from a mushroom farm set up in a car park in the capital’s 18th arrondissement – yes yes!


On to the dishes! On the good advice of the chef, we enjoy the vegetarian kebab (12€), the flagship dish of Sezono. Inside, a shredded oyster mushroom with spices roasted well as meat – the dupe works perfectly! -, a white yogurt sauce, pickles for acidity, raw vegetables for freshness, and panisse fries as a side. The kind of dishes that will convince the last resistant to vegetarian cuisine.

We also fall for green asparagus (14€) topped with a wild garlic virgin sauce – it’s the season, we like it -, before allowing us a small dessert, although we don’t have much left of dishes as everything was generously served. It will therefore be a rhubarb-apple tartlet (6€) paired with sumac whipped cream and almond caramel. A delicate little note to end this vegetarian lunch delicious !

This test was carried out as part of a professional invitation. If your experience differs from ours, please let us know in the comments.

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