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She asks that dogs be allowed more in the accommodation

The banning of dogs in several homes in Quebec is a real headache for this lady.

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It is that several owners reserve the discretion to prohibit the dogs in their residences.

The woman decided to be a tenant, because of the many trips she makes each year. She has no children.

She will have to leave her current accommodation by October, since her landlord has found another tenant for the fall.

Rachelle Singh understands the fears shared by owners about the presence of animals, but asks that the authorities do more to help people in her situation.

“I would like to see a program that could be set up for dogs, where they could have trainers certified by the Ministry of Agriculture. We ask that dogs who do not bark, who do not have behavioral problems and who do not destroy houses be certified,” she said.

At the provincial level, Québec solidaire and the SPCA are asking that owners no longer have the right to prohibit animals in their units.

A petition had also been put online in April to demand the abolition of the ban. Filled with signatures, the document was tabled in the National Assembly of Quebec.

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