she breaks into the shelter, steals two puppies and attacks an employee

The defendant went, for the first time, on June 27, 2022, to the Birepoulet kennel. Her companion and they then force the passage and try to recover the animals before being stopped by the territorial agents and taken back outside. On June 30, the kennel lodged a complaint because during the night, people entered it before leaving with two puppies. On July 2, the defendant returned to the centre, again tried to force her way through and struck an employee before being turned back again.

The same day, an agent of the structure sees the woman as well as the two stolen puppies in a van, parked in the car park of the Intermarché de Labenne. He alerted the police who proceeded to arrest him.

“These are my dogs, they are mine”

“If she wanted her dogs back, she could pay the pound fees. She was ten days old and contrary to what she says, she never came,” said the center employee, present at the hearing. “She says she loves her animals, but leaves them unsupervised and physically attacks those who devote their lives to their protection,” says the prosecutor.

“These are my dogs, they are mine,” replies the defendant. His lawyer retorted: “Whether you liked it or not, they were no longer yours. Before turning to the assembly: “But I think we can understand Madame’s love for her animals. »

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