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She can no longer manage the 60 stray cats on her land in Vallauris

Initially, there were only a few cats. Then twenty, thirty, forty… Up to sixty! In early July, a resident of Vallauris pushed the door of the Animalis store in Antibes to ask for help. The stray felines that she used to feed on her land, near the railway line, have reproduced and the situation has become unmanageable.

Alerted by the brand, the Riviera’s Pets association then rushed to the scene from Saint-Raphaël, discovering thirty-two kittens, including ten in a sorry state. “Some were dying because they suffered from coryza disease (1), Kim Deloffre, president of the association. Others had ingested pieces of plastic, probably while scraping garbage bags for food. We had to hospitalize them.”

30 adults to be sterilized

If the volunteers are looking for adopters for the kittens, it remains to take care of the thirty adult cats who will not be able to integrate a home because they are too wild. “We must all sterilize them to stop the proliferation and the health risk with diseases. But it is not easy to capture them, they are fearful. The problem is that there are still cats in heat. One of them gave birth a few days ago”notes Kim.

Looking for a 2,000 euro donation

Catch a few, take them to the vet, bring them back, start over. Considerable work… And expensive! This is also why Riviera’s Pets has launched an online kitty, hoping to raise at least two thousand euros: “This is what we would need at least to finance sterilizations. But there is also the hospitalization of kittens and food…” So far, just over a thousand euros have been donated by Internet users.

The lesson of this misadventure? The animal rights activist insists: “You can love and feed stray cats, but you must always check that they are sterilized. You can look in the ear: associations often tattoo an “S” to notify you. And if in doubt, you can always call on an association to come and check! »

To donate to the kitty, go to “Help sterilization for Vallauris cats”

(1) an infectious flu-like disease in cats


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