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She can’t hold back tears as she films her cat’s heartbreaking goodbye to her dying dog friend (video)

An elderly and sick dog was spending his last moments with his family, which includes a cat to whom he was very attached. The latter wanted to show him her affection one last time before saying goodbye.

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bunny the pussy and Type the dog were extremely close to each other. When the canine was about to leave this world, the feline wanted to stay by his side until the end and comfort him. A moving scene reported by Pets Radar and filmed by the owner of the 2 animals.

Illustrative: She can't hold back tears as she films her cat's heartbreaking goodbye to her dying dog friend (video)
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This one is called Erica Kutzing and is the vice-president of the association Strong Island Animal Rescue Leaguebased in the New York county of Suffolk.

She had adopted type in 2011, when the latter was still a tiny puppy and had been rejected by his mother. The young woman considered him as her child and cherished him, to the point of having had a tattoo representing him made on her shoulder.

He was also the best friend of bunnycat adopted, also by Erica Kutzing. The 2 quadrupeds were inseparable.

Alas, on August 23, 2022, Type should be euthanized. Age and illness had finally got the better of his health. That day, the dog was brought home to allow his whole family to say goodbye.

“We will never recover”

In the video posted by Erica Kutzing on TikTokwe see bunny waiting behind the door for her mistress to let her into the room where she was Type. Motionless, it had been installed on the sofa.

The cat hastened to join him and began to gently nudge him, as if to reassure him and show him, one last time, how much she cared for him.

We will never get over it. We loved our boy so much “, can we read in the caption of this video, which moved and made many Internet users cry. There she is :

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We will never recover. We loved our boy so much. #restinparadise #ilovemydog #mybestfriend #catanddoglove

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