she discovers a dead wasp in her wrap bought at McDonald’s

The client and her family have obtained an apology from the management of the fast food, which blames its suppliers.

Certainly not the garnish she had asked for. This Sunday, May 29, a customer at McDonald’s in Mers-les-Bains (Somme) had the unpleasant surprise of finding a dead wasp in the wrap she had just bought. After ordering takeout with her family, the young girl had the good idea, once she got home, to open the sandwich before biting into it.

“Luckily she saw the wasp before eating it, blows her father, quoted by Le Courrier Picard. We immediately contacted McDonald’s, so that they could be careful on their side and in order to obtain compensation. If the management of the restaurant concerned was quick to call the girl’s family to apologize, the two parties did not agree on the issue of compensation.

“We are not the Restos du Coeur”

“I told him that a commercial gesture such as a meal offered to my children, my wife and I would be appreciated, explains in the columns of the regional daily the father of the family, who lives in Incheville (Seine-Maritime). We are not not to 30 or 40 euros, it was for the principle. A request apparently refused inelegantly by the director of the fast food, Philippe Blondeau, who would have replied: “We are not the Restos du Cœur”, according to a Facebook post from the customer who had found the wasp.

If he says today that he regrets these remarks, the director of McDonald’s maintains that his establishment is not responsible for the presence of the insect inside the wrap. “This error comes from one of our suppliers, assures Philippe Blondeau, quoted by Le Courrier Picard. On site, nothing is transformed. We receive the food in sachets and we assemble the sandwiches. The team member did not see the presence of the wasp.”

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