She discovers her dog hanging from a beam on her way home from work

Orus, 3 and a half year old malinois. (©Pauline Joly)

Saturday June 25, 2022 marks a turning point in the life of a resident of Lihus, a town in the Oise with less than 500 inhabitants. Still shocked, Pauline finds it hard to believe: “a few minutes away, if I hadn’t come back…” She discovered orusone of his dogs, aged three and a half, hanging from a beam as she came home from work.

For several years, Pauline Joly has owned a house in Lihus, a few kilometers from Crèvecœur-le-Grand (Oise). Owning two Malinois dogs, his relationship with the neighborhood is not looking good: ” they complain about the barking of my dogs when we are away”, explains Pauline.

Several attacks against his malinois

To remedy neighborhood complaints, and after facts ranging from meatballs with nails and screwat the window broken carthe resident has created two kennels to lock up her dogs when she “is away” and has “bought anti-barking collars”.

Despite everything, a tragedy occurred this weekend. Returning from his place of workPauline enters her yard and notices that the doors of her outer buildings “are open, she says, one of my dogs is missing in his kennel. From that moment, panic takes over.

“I enter the building located next to the kennels, describes Pauline, I discover my dog hanged completely unconscious to a beam with a choke collar,” she says. Still in a state of panic, Pauline manages to untie the animal “at breakneck speed”. She says that she begins to “the shake “, but the dog does not move. Moments later, Orus catches his breath.

Orus, 3 and a half year old malinois.
Orus, 3 and a half year old malinois. (©Pauline Joly)

A heavy trauma

Since this incident, Orus “has been making nightmares and cry at night “says Pauline Joly, owner of the Malinois. Also, “he has an inflammation on his lip”, even if this reaction is not necessarily related to the hanging.

Who hanged Orus?

Saturday, the mistress involved the gendarmerie and the mayor of Lihus, Thierry Levasseur for the observation of the incident. The town hall would have replied: you just have to part with your dogs “says Pauline finding the surprising answer.

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Monday, June 27, the owner filed a complaint at the gendarmerie of Breteuil (Oise).

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