She drops her keys in a hole and thinks they’re lost forever, but the neighbors’ cat comes to the rescue (video)

Who said cats don’t like helping others? A video showing a feline giving a precious paw to a woman who dropped her keys in a hole, is proof that we can count on them in certain delicate situations.

A mother was able to recover her keys, which had fallen into a hole, thanks to a neighbor’s cat. This is what we can see in a video posted on Reddit Monday, July 4.

Originally, the sequence was published on the platform TikTokbefore being shared on Reddit where it quickly went viral.

Illustration of the article: She drops her keys in a hole and thinks they are lost forever, but the neighbors' cat comes to the rescue (video)

The scene took place in Brazil. A child dropped his mother’s keys in a hole. The opening in question is in a kind of low wall bordering the driveway of a residence. ” If I hadn’t filmed, no one would believe me “, can we read in the caption of this video.

The mother tried to reach for her keys, but the hole was too narrow for her hand. His son couldn’t get his fingers in there either. She then tried to fish out her keys using pieces of wood, with no more success.

All under the perplexed gaze of a black cat. The animal belongs to another tenant of the building. The feline was first interested in the wooden rods used as improvised tools, then plunged its paw into the hollow.

The author of the video could not believe her eyes. The cat was clearly trying to retrieve the keys. After a first attempt, the second was the right one. All that remained for the woman was to pick up her precious sesame and thank the hero of the day.

The cat received a toy as a reward

In comment, a user shared another video, from TikTok and filmed after the premiere. We hear the woman congratulate the cat and tell him that he has become famous.

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? original sound – Luh Meira

We also learn that, to reward him, she gave him a toy that he obviously loved.


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