She films a Tiktok and her cat does something towards the camera: 9M Internet users are hilarious (video) – Videos

She films a Tiktok and her cat does something in the direction of the camera

In Ontario, Canada, a cat made his mistress and 9 million Internet users laugh a lot!

On March 26, Anne posted a video of her cat Pixel on the social network TikTok which has more than 9 million views.

A disconcerting filter

On the video, we can see the mistress of Pixel who films herself in front of the camera with a cat filter.

Anne holds her cat on her lap and when she films herself, we can directly see the hilarious reaction of the cat in the return…

Pixel seems frozen as Anne sings and shakes her cat head from side to side. He rolls his eyes at that other cat on screen, and it’s unclear if he approves or disapproves of his owner’s new look!

A unique look

Anne adopted Pixel, 3 and a half years old today when he was 3 months old in a shelter. She also has three other cats and all four come from different cat shelters.

She explained that Pixel has larger than normal eyes. He often makes hilarious expressions that make everyone laugh. It is for this reason that the young woman wanted to share the reaction of the cat on the social network TikTok.

With 9 million views, 1.9 million likes and 38,200 comments, we can say that Anne has won her bet: making Internet users laugh thanks to Pixel!

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