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she lifts stones and starts running

A 6 year old girl plays

A wonderful rescue from this family and a very brave little girl.

Several years ago, six-year-old Cara was playing near her family’s home in Londonderry, Northern Ireland when she heard a strange noise. Intrigued, the little girl looks around her to find the source.

A real heroine

After a few minutes, Cara realizes the noises are coming from a pile of wooden pallets. She then decides to move them to see what is underneath. With the strength of her arms, the little girl moves the stones and pushes the pallets to finally discover a particularly sad scene.

Under the pile of wood was a small pit in which a dog lay.

Cara then starts running to her house to warn her dad to help her. Quickly, the latter arrives on the spot and understands the terrible truth: it is not an accident, the dog did not fall into the pit. He was deposited there, abandoned to certain death.

The father then takes the dog out of the hole and realizes that it is in fact a very skinny and blind female dog!

A new beginning for Bella

Cara decided to name the dog Bella and the whole family settled her comfortably in their home so that she could rest. The next day, they contacted the Rainbow Rehoming Center to find the perfect family for Bella.

The volunteers then took the dog to the vet to find out more about her. According to him, the female dog was used for breeding and when she could no longer bear babies, she was abandoned in this hole. The dog would also have spent most of her life chained.

Some time later, the association found a family for life for Bella who is very happy there and can finally live in complete freedom.

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