She loses her keys on vacation and refuses to pay a locksmith, they discover the horror of cats

Cats: It’s an incredible story that we are going to tell you now. A story that concerns the association La Patte Normande, which was called for help in a building to help cats locked in an apartment. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

Cats: Abandonment of animals during the holidays, a real scourge

The summer vacation period is terrible for our animal friends. As we speak to you, 1000 innocent dogs and cats are left on the side of the road, in a gas station or in a field outside the city. However, this crime, because yes it is a crime according to the law, is punishable by 2 years’ imprisonment and a fine of 30,000 euros. If they don’t die of starvation or being run over by a car on the side of the road, they may be lucky enough to be welcomed into a shelter.

This is what happened with the cats in our story. Alone in the apartment for 3 weeks, because their owner was on vacation, the tomcats were not ready to leave. Indeed, the host had lost his keys and did not intend to call a locksmith to get them out. And this, even despite the heat wave that raged in France. Fortunately, the association The Norman Paw, was alerted by the plight of the little cats. The volunteers therefore ran water under the door while waiting to find a solution.

Cats locked in a real dump

After many unsuccessful calls, they finally decided to call a locksmith and pay to release the three cats who were skinny and dehydrated. And here is the drama. Indeed, when they entered the apartment, everyone was shocked. Shocked to discover a real pigsty. The floor was littered with trash and food. A very advanced dirt which will have had the advantage of allowing the three cats, including one probably pregnant, to feed.

Animal abandonment: The three cats were dropped off at the vet the same evening to check their state of health. The three little tomcats are therefore safe and sound: »The little female is surely pregnant. The kitty will need time to regain confidence. I don’t understand how we can go to bed quietly at night knowing that our animals have been dying locked up alone for weeks ” declared in particular the association The Norman touch.

Adopting a pet should be a conscious decision

You don’t adopt a little dog like you buy a new shirt. You have to be sure you can take care of it properly. And even while you’re on vacation. Indeed, there are many solutions for those who cannot bring their pet. Many services and aids are being developed to fight against their abandonment: ask their loved ones to keep them, hire a dog-sitter, pay for a babysitting service or a pension. So don’t do anything.

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