She takes in a stray Border Collie, who reciprocates by saving her mother’s life

Since fall 2021, Mary DeLima saw a dog wandering near his property in Kentucky without being able to approach it. It was not until January 10, 2022 that she managed to see him more closely. That day, it was very cold, and the Border Collie had decided to sit in front of her house, reported The Advocate Messenger.

It is only on returning home after doing some shopping that Mary DeLima found him, as if waiting for his return and help. The animal was very thin and dirty. She ushered him in and fed him, before calling the local animal control service to inquire about what to do.

She was told that an announcement was going to be published on the service’s website, and that if no one claimed the dog after 2 weeks, she could adopt him. Mary DeLima and his family had recently lost their dog Brunoand the idea of ​​welcoming another did not displease them.

The deadline passed and no one showed up. Mary DeLima was able to adopt it. She called him Beautiful. The Border Collie was seen by a vet who estimated his age at 2 years old. He was also taken to the groomer and his coat was restored to its original glory. The quadruped gradually regained its normal weight, gaining almost 7 kilograms.

The Advocate Messenger

Otherwise, Beautiful has attended dog training sessions with a professional, Cheri Carbone. ” He is a calm dog. He doesn’t bark much said his new owner of him.

Beau became a savior after being rescued

She runs an equestrian center, where her mother also lives. Theresa91 years old. Beautiful love this last one. Every morning when she takes her medicine, he stands by her side and waits for her to finish to give her kisses.

Article illustration: She takes in a stray Border Collie, who reciprocates by saving her mother's life
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A few months after the adoption of Beautiful, Theresa got sick. She was returning from a walk and, on entering the driveway leading to the house, the nonagenarian collapsed. Her daughter hadn’t noticed it, because she was giving riding lessons to children. His dog, he was well aware of it.

The Border Collie started running back and forth running and barking, clearly trying to get his owner’s attention. Intrigued by the unusual attitude of Beautiful, Mary DeLima finally understood when one of his students, who saw Theresa on the ground, warned her. ” Her oxygen had dropped to 88 and she was shivering, lying there in the heat “, she says.

“His Little Hero”

Everyone ran to Theresa to rescue her. She was first put in an air-conditioned car and given oxygen. After 20 minutes, she felt much better. Beautiful, he continued to fidget and bark. He only relaxed and you when the mother of Mary DeLima was driven home and sat down in her chair. As if, at that moment, he said to himself ” Ok, she’s back where she belongs “recalls its owner.

For Cheri Carbonewhat this dog did is really special. And it’s good that people know that you don’t have to raise him young for him to be so loyal. “.

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Article illustration: She takes in a stray Border Collie, who reciprocates by saving her mother's life
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Mary DeLima assures her that her mother has been doing better since, and that she ” spends his time kissing [Beau]. She calls him her little hero “.


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