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she thinks of a theft, “I find it suspicious…”

It is a real call for help that Anne-Sophie Jamotton, a resident of Athus, has decided to launch. Indeed, on July 19, she noticed that her Maine Coon, Naya, disappeared. And a month later, on August 15, her other cat Dino also failed to return to her home. An abnormal situation for the Athusienne who has always seen her cats come home several times a day. “When my first cat disappeared, I didn’t really worry because she’s a little traveler, she likes to walk around, it’s in her habits,” says Anne-Sophie. “I live in a fairly quiet street, near the woods. But on August 9, the neighbour’s cat, which strongly resembles a Maine Coon, disappears. And as if by chance, he came back on August 13, surely because he is an alley cat. Then my second cat Dino no longer gives any sign of life two days later… I don’t understand. They are sociable cats and there, no one saw them. Two cats that disappear plus that of the neighbor, it’s strange. In addition, neighbors saw people approaching the cats to try to hug them, luckily they had time to tell them that they belonged to someone. They thought the cats were abandoned. »

A suspected person

Anne-Sophie therefore thinks quite logically of a theft since Maine Coons are cats that cost a certain price. “These are cats that show themselves and are not afraid… They always stayed near my house, they came back several times a day, they had no reason to run away. But for me, I think of a theft. When I lost my first cat, I put a message on social media and the person who is suspected wrote to me saying that he was going to help me find him. Now that I lost the second one, I messaged him again and even though he saw, he never got back to me. I find it suspicious because if he was willing to really help me, he would have done it. »

If you ever find Naya or Dino, do not hesitate to contact Anne-Sophie Jamotton (00352/661.278.993), a reward will be at stake.


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