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Shelter pup is offered a new chance at life by actor Taylor Lautner

Rémi, his nickname, had a difficult start. However, today she has a dream life thanks to the world famous actor of the films of the Twilight saga, Taylor Lautner.

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Remi was born in the middle of a field. Her mother, a Belgian Shepherd Malinois, had been abandoned pregnant in the middle of nature and had given birth alone, without resources nearby. Nevertheless, she had managed to take care of her offspring for 15 long days before a good Samaritan spotted them.

The Labelle Foundationsituated at Los Angeles to United Stateshad then taken care of the canines before offering them for adoption. “An incredible family took in the mum and the 8 puppies, even though she had a pooch of her own. We had Rémi as soon as we could, at 10 weeks”has explained Taylor Lautner at The Dodo.

An adoption that spawned a vocation

This is Taylor Domethe bride of Taylor Lautnerwho wanted to adopt a second dog.

“It was obvious for me to go to a shelter. We received Rémi’s photos and his story and I knew I had to go get it right away. It has been the best year of our lives. It’s a dream dog »said the actor Twilight.

Remi lives with Taylor Lautner and his girlfriend for a year now. She has become a young adult well in her paws who makes the happiness of her masters.

“You only realize how grateful and loving shelter pets are when you experience them. It’s an extra-special bond.”found taylor.

The actor has made it his mission to campaign for the defense of shelter animals who need a new family. He is now investing in this direction in the campaign Hill’s Clear The Shelters who pleads adoption rather than acquisition.

“There are so many amazing foundations and volunteers. I encourage you, if you are ready to take the next step in being a pet parent, to go to a local shelter and adopt”said Taylor Lautner.

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