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Shelter Worker Ends Up Adopting Kitten Who Kept Meowing At Him

A few months ago, a litter of kittens arrived at the Exploits Valley SPCA shelter in need of care and a warm place; one of the cubs had a respiratory condition that required special care. During his recovery, the little feline was very kind to the people present, and especially to one of them for whom he kept meowing.

Sugar, as the kitten was called, had a very sweet personality and won over the shelter staff and volunteers. He then became particularly attached to Glenn, who has been a volunteer at the shelter for 30 years; the two were happy to spend time together.

Sarah MacLeod, who is part of the shelter, commented to The Dodo:

“He was extremely nice and spoke up from the start.”

Shelter employee ends up adopting a kitten

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Every time Glenn walked past Sugar’s location, the kitten mewed tirelessly to get the man’s attention and pet him. In all his years of volunteering, Glenn has fallen in love with many felines, but has always been successful. to let them go to their new home.

But the connection the man felt to Sugar was very different; Glenn fell completely in love with the little kitten and although he had no plans to adopt a cat, the idea started to catch on when he realized the kitten was only happy when he was in the area.

Sarah comments:

“Sugar was yelling at Glenn to stop working and take care of him. »

So without further hesitation, the decision was made, Glenn would give the little feline a forever home; he couldn’t imagine anyone else taking it away from him.

“Glenn wasn’t looking to adopt, he already has a cat, but he loved Sugar too much to let him be adopted. »

Sugar is now officially a member of Glenn’s family; they are both very happy to be together. The kitten is affectionate and loves his new home, he likes to run and meow everywhere. Every time Glenn looks at him, he knows he made the best decision for both of them.

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Sarah concludes:

“Sugar does wonders around the house, Glenn even brought him to visit us. »

There’s no doubt that some bonds are too strong to let go, and Glenn and Sugar know it; the best thing that could happen to them was to find each other.

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