Should “Happy” the elephant get the same rights as humans?

the Wall Street Journal traces the thread of the long legal battle underway in New York State, aimed at granting rights similar to those of humans to the elephant Happy, currently a resident of the Bronx Zoo. The pachyderm, 51 years old and weighing three and a half tons, could soon be given legal personality, which would pave the way for its release from the zoo and its reintroduction into the wild. In the words of his attorney Steven Wise, Happy “is imprisoned against her will, she has been held prisoner for more than forty years”.

For the American financial daily, “the Happy case” is the most public manifestation of a vast movement aimed at granting a legal personality to the entities of nature. “These lawsuits are a symbol of lawyers’ efforts to show that animals, nature and ecosystems deserve the same legal rights as people and businesses, which have long enjoyed them.”


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