Sick birds seen at Monaghan Beach

Image of the video of the sick duck on the Accès Animal Sept-Îles Facebook Page

It seems that avian flu has arrived on the North Shore near Sept-Îles. In the past 24 hours, Accès Animal Sept-Îles has received about fifteen calls from cases of sick birds observed in the area.

On the Facebook page of Accès Animal Sept-Îles, we see a video of a sick duck observed last Tuesday on Monaghan beach. It is weakened, trembles and is soaked due to the impossibility of the animal to maintain its impermeable layer. The person in charge of Accès Animal Sept-Îles, Isabelle, says that it hurts to watch: “It breaks the heart to see them so weak and dying, but to avoid contamination, you have to let them die”.

The Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks of Quebec cannot confirm that it is indeed the avian flu, because the tests in the sick birds observed near Sept-Îles have not been done. However, it remains very likely that it is avian flu, due to outbreaks in birds throughout Quebec.

It is important to keep your dog on a leash when you are on the beach, they have the scent to find dying birds or carcasses long before you do, says Accès Animal Sept-Îles.

Accès Animal Sept-Îles reminds that for cats and dogs, the risk of contracting the disease is low, but it is still possible. If they are in contact with the virus and then come to lick you, the risk of transmission is also present from animal to human, even if it is rather rare.

MAPAQ veterinarians have indicated that it is no longer necessary to report the cases given the increasing number of sick birds observed throughout Quebec.

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