Singer Julien Doré lends his support to a woman steeped in grief after the disappearance of her dog

Julien Doré recorded a support video to help find Sunny, a puppy stolen from his owner.

It has already been almost 3 months now that the puppy Sunny, a Miniature American Shepherd, was kidnapped by malicious individuals. The support of celebrities such as Julien Dore is a great help for its owner.

An organized theft, against which the owner was powerless

The individuals who kidnapped Sunny proceeded in a very organized manner. Returning from a walk on the beach at Brest, Natalie dropped off her 4-month-old puppy in her car. “He was strapped into the passenger seat with the window wide open.“, she clarified, in words reported by News Brest.

At this time, a couple came up to her and claimed to want to find out about her pet sitting job. While Natalie was answering questions, the man moved away to telephone. The wife then joined her husband in their white van and they drove out of the parking lot. When Natalie turned around, Sunny was no longer in his car.

Nathalie received the support of Julien Doré

The owner of Sunny didn’t take long to realize that it was all a set-up to steal his dog. Desperate, she put together a video recounting their misadventure, in the hope that people could help her find the thieves.

Julien Dorewho was at Brest for a concert, wanted to relay this story that touched him. He in turn recorded a video, which he shared on instagram. The notoriety of the singer made it possible to give great visibility to Natalie and Sunny.

The puppy has still not been found

To date, and despite the many shares by celebrities, Sunny remains untraceable. His owner continues to fight for him, but also against dog theft more generally.

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