So, do we really have to use the straw from our little bricks upside down? (A good excuse to drink a Strawberry Candy’Up)

Alert, the little image that explains that we use our straws upside down is back on the big Internet! It’s been six months since we’ve seen it buzz – almost half a million likes and over 90,000 RTs this time around – so we thought we’d finally give it a try. the trick to relative utility.

A visit to the supermarket, a pack of strawberry Candy’Up (frankly, we wanted chocolate, but there was only that), a few hours in the fridge, and we embarked on the experience. So, already, the manufacturers don’t really care about this trick which would make the straw more precise to finish the small brick well, because the “sharpened” end in bevel is obviously placed on the long side.

With fine motor skills worthy of a CE2, we still manage to pierce the lid with the other side and we place the small side well at the bottom of the brick. Slurp slurp slurp, we revel in the precious beverage, which, by the way, really tastes like 1992 when “yucca” was a tree and not an app to scan barcodes for questionable additives.

So, indeed, we manage to drink our little brick to the last drop, but we are not going to lie to each other, in the other direction we would not have struggled as ever either. Verdict: we will probably put the straw back, at least for the three times a year when we drink a small brick.

The important thing is above all to inflate the brick as much as possible once empty using the straw and thus transform it into a firecracker by jumping on it. Ahhhh, you didn’t have that trick, go make a video, it’ll make a good TikTok that will make a top tweet that we’ll probably use in an article, boom.

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