Soon the end of red meat in restaurants? Some establishments remove it from their menu

Will it soon be impossible to eat red meat in restaurants? We are not there yet. RTL Info reveals, however, that more and more establishments are deciding to do without this product because of its constantly rising price. Alain, a restaurant owner in Temploux, explains that he removed red meat and seafood from his menu because of their price. “Red meat is over for the same reasons. Everything that is expensive and increases daily has been wiped off the map,” he told RTL Info.

Rising prices are forcing restaurateurs to reinvent themselves. If, at Alain, it is now pasta that is in the spotlight, some of his colleagues have decided to continue to sell red meat in lesser quantities. This allows them to work the vegetables more. “It’s healthier for the customer who will always have enough to eat,” explains a restaurateur.

This trend is confirmed by Cédric, a meat delivery man. “I have large customers who ordered 100 pavers. Now they only take 70 at the risk of running out for other customers because they are afraid to throw away the 30 that were there before,” he concludes.


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