South Africa: this woman breastfeeds her dog with her own breasts (video)

The video of a young woman nursing her dog with her own breasts aroused amazement among Internet users. According to the cross-checks, the scene took place in South Africa.

In the images, a young woman is seen giving her milk to a dog. If this surreal scene can create an outcry among users of social networks, it is clear that the person concerned, herself, does not care what people will say. Judging by the ease with which she feeds the animal with her own breasts, it is very likely that this is not the young woman’s first experience.

For some, this young mother may have lost her baby, to the point of replacing it with a domestic beast, so as not to lose the milk; for others, rather, it is the puppy, who has become an orphan and who benefits from this treatment, from his boss.

Beyond all these opinions, should a woman breastfeed an animal from her own breasts?

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